CULLEN BEFORECULLEN FISHER is owner and head trainer at CROSSFIT 323, and has been exploring the CrossFit discipline and community since moving to LA’s Eastside in 2005. Beyond general and specialized CrossFit certifications, he holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a second-degree brown belt in Kodenkan Ju-Jitsu, and has ardently studied exercise science, nutrition, and mobility for more than a decade.

Having seen numerous fitness and diet trends rise and fall, Cullen remains aligned with CrossFit because of its science- and evidence-based philosophy; unlike many established regimens, when a technique or strategy better optimizes one’s fitness, CrossFit embraces it to make the discipline ever-stronger and ever-evolving.

Cullen also believes deeply in the power of community as a driving force in personal health. Building the 323 community has been hugely fulfilling, as more and more Eastsiders discover challenging, fun, and effective fitness…all within a remarkably supportive, smart, and funny group of people. Friends become members, members become friends. It’s pretty, pretty great. (You should try it.)

To contact Cullen about private training, email him at

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