News You Can Use: The Open! Whole30! BodySpec!

21 Feb

Dear 323ers,

It’s raining news up in here, and we’re not talking the bone-chilling, dystopian variety that’s so en vogue these days. The following newsflashes are more of the la-la-la it’s TIME TO WORK ON YOU ilk. You’re WELCOME. Read on, 1 2 3….

1) OPEN SEASON. It’s that time again, folks: The 2017 CrossFit Open is upon us! We encourage anyone who is interested in signing up to do so right now/ASAP–the first Open workout will be released this Thursday, February 23 (and here’s the whole schedule.) As in years past, we’ll be joining the global CrossFit community in attacking these preliminary Games WODs each of the next five Fridays. So, of course, you can do the WODs regardless, but if you’re on the fence about registering to make it official, we say GO FOR IT. It’s pretty fun to partake in a real-time, international fitness phenomenon, and see yourself counted among gazillions* of casual and serious athletes worldwide.

2) NUTRITION VOLITION. The 323 Nutrition Challenge (also) starts THIS MONDAY February 27th! Some people have expressed interest in a fresh, new Whole30 for the new year…so let’s do it. Fitness + good food choices = SuperFitness. Thirty days, starting MONDAY. Read the rules. Get your name on the sign up sheet. Go grocery shopping. Clear your cabinets, purge your pantries; the very best way to not eat crap things is to not HAVE crap things, capiche? Now, choose your challenge….

323RESET – The 323ified Nutrition Challenge, a simplified version of Whole30, is pithy and practical: No alcohol, no sugar, no flour, no fried foods. Thazzit. Easy to remember, impossible* to ignore. Notice, you can have dairy. You don’t count your carbs. You can eat fruit, and rice, and potatoes. Just NO ALCOHOL, NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR, NO FRIED FOODS. (Need a mnemonic? Four Somethings Are Forboden. Substance Abuse For Foodies. Sara Finds Acronyms Fun.) If you are turned off by complexity or daunted by dietary restrictions, the 323Reset is a substantial but slightly more reasonable regimen for people who can’t commit to something quite so radical as…

WHOLE30The Real, Official Whole30, is a tried-and-true, kickass cleansing and reset of all things Your Body, from brain to belly, skin to skeleton. The nitty-gritty breakdown is HERE on, the primary resource for Whole30-ers new and old, far and wide. (Check their 8 Steps intro for a nice overview of the process, its recommended preparation, and optimal Whole30 mindset.) The most important logistical aspects of choosing to Whole30 is preparing your kitchen, preparing your mind, and capital-C Committing. The good news is, we’re here for you. We’ve got your back on Day One when you’re pumped, on Day Two when you’re giddy, on Day Ten when you want to kill everybody and eat them, all the way through Day 30 when you feel physically amazing and full of seriously legitimate personal pride.

3) BODYSCAN PLAN. To complement the kickoff of the Open and our Nutrition Challenge, we have booked the BodySpec truck for next Monday or Tuesday, then again post-Open, post-Challenge to provide seriously in-depth insight regarding your bodily changes. However, they now have a policy that 20 people need to sign up before scan day or they will cancel on us. Please reply to this email if you would indeed get a $45, 10-minute scan next week; if there’s enough interest, we will confirm with the company and we can get our scanz on, yo. (More info here! It’s pretty dang cool.)

That’s the haps! As always, email us any time with questions, comments, etc. And follow our social media stuffs if you don’t already – Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / @CROSSFIT323 – pix and vids and posts and and and. “Not to be missed!” – Me

Still reading? I love you. Good night.

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