323 Diet Challenge: Starts MONDAY!

21 Feb

Dear 323ers,

The first 323 Diet Challenge of 2016 starts THIS MONDAY, February 22nd! We’re talking 45 days, my friends, to make a real difference in your body and life. So, here, for your current and continual reference, is the low-down….

Money Where Your Mouth Is.

       Because people tend to do better with money on the line.

You put in $20 to keep yourself motivated; 45 days later, the steadfast winners split ALL THE MONIES!!!

      For 24 more hours, feel free to party down, drink up, dessert your eyeballs out, then give that shit up for 45 days.








Paleo + Dairy.

       Real, good food:

No refined sugar, flour, alcohol, or fried foods


Bonus: Rice and Potatoes are now cool

      , so no excuses there. Just eat real food for 6 weeks. (Please see the next paragraph before you start trying to wiggle out of it.)

Legit Loopholes! ONE cheat meal OR alcoholic beverage allowed per week, but ONLY if you make it to the gym MORE than 3 times in that week. You heard me.

Purge + Prep. We highly recommend ridding your cabinets n fridges n freezers of “illegal” items so you are less able to gorge off the wagon in a moment of weakness. Read the labels. Even more importantly, STOCK UP on excellent, sugarless, flourless, non-alcoholic, non-fried, real food to nosh/prepare/dive into throughout the challenge.

Questions? Comments? Confusion? Commitment issues? Scurred? Email us at team@crossfit323.com any old time. There are also loads of Paleo resources on the web these days, so don’t be shy about googling “Paleo meal plans” or “are Swedish Fish paleo” all the livelong day. But, truly, Cullen and Darian are the experts On The Ground/In The Box. Don’t be shy about asking for tips (the answer is usually ALMONDS) or sobbing into their taut bellies (the answer is usually ARE YOU HUNGRY OR DOES YOUR SUGAR-ADDICTED BRAIN JUST THINK YOU’RE HUNGRY? Mark. My. Words.)

You are all courageous and powerful. You can do this. (Buy some almonds.) Aaaand: BREAK.

Happy eating,
Cullen + Sara + Team 323

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