Special UPdate: Important 323 News & Notes…

10 Feb

Dear 323ers,

Wow!!! So many things to cover!!! But I hate words and explaining (and Sara’s pretty busy being yelled at by a baby) so it’ll be brief.

  1. Listen Up: No 6AM WOD on Presidents’ Day. That’s Monday, February 15th. No 6AM WOD, I say! The rest of the day is our normal schedule, so honor George and Abe by engaging in rigorous fitness fun. Not because the presidential correlation makes sense, but because otherwise you will feel shlubby. 
  2. Wrap-Up: Team Competition. After 2 or 3 or 4 fun-filled months, the 2015 team competition has finally come to a definitive end. Team “Special K” has emerged from the smoldering ashes and dust that was the holidays to pick up the win. They win shirts and some other shit, as well as the deep satisfaction of victory. Hooray them!!!
  3. Ramp-Up: Diet Challenge! Starting NEXT Monday, February 22, we will be doing our first (only?) diet challenge of 2016. I would like this to be a monetary challenge, I also would like to tie it to attendance this time, you know…for better GAINZ! Email me, call me, talk to me about thoughts and ideas for this one. There will be a sign-up list on one of the dry erase boards – this is expressing interest only and not a commitment. So be interested.
  4. Show Up: The CrossFit Games! The CrossFit Games are soon upon us and, as usual, we encourage everyone to participate. We will program the preliminary Open workouts every Thursday and schedule time on Friday nights for those signed up to compete. And then we eat and drink and hang out – it is fun. Here is the link to the CrossFit Games website for those who are interested in learning more about the whole she-bang. Also! Some people have expressed interest in going to watch SoCal Regional events and/or the Games themselves, I think this is a good idea and someone other than me should take the reins, because…baby.
  5. Suit Up: New Shirts! Coming soon! I would tell you more if I knew more. Stay tuned. 
  6. Sign Up: Body-Spec is Back! The magic truck that tells you your physical makeup is headed back to the ol’ 323 parking lot next Thursday, February 18th from 4-8:30pm. Click here to learn more, and/or click here to view available time slots and grab one for your very own body. It’s a 5-minute scan, the info generated is fascinating, and it serves as a great baseline for your month of Nutrition Challenge and Super Attendance. We’ll have them back afterward so you can see the results in many colorful charts and graphs. If you have $45 to spend and/or have never done it before, you should give it a go.
  7. Catch Up: THANK YOU, dear friends/gym family, for the incredibly kind and generous baby gift. We were blown away and beyond grateful. Then on 11/29, ladybaby Rosie Day showed up and we’ve been awake ever since yet not clear-headed enough to say thank you. But, bigtime, thank you, thank you. 

That’s it for now. But that was a lot. It wasn’t brief after all. You should probably read it again. Email us with thoughts or questions. Bye. 

Cullen (+Sara)


Instagram/Twitter @CROSSFIT323

Said baby.


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