Holiday Schedule Tweaks: Winter Is Coming.

1 Dec

Dear 323ers,

It’s that time again, when it’s seemingly always dark outside, and we darling Angelenos don cozy scarves in case of a  69º chill, and party people pop in to and out of town, and small business owners birth new, beautiful, sparkly babies. Also per tradition, we are making some calendar changes for the month+, and we want you to know allllll about them so you can fastidiously plan your WOD schedule accordingly.

Click HERE for the live class calendar and/or read on for specific tweaks…

Winter WODifications 2015

     12/21-1/8 Holiday Haze

  • NO 6AM WODs (Monday-Friday)
  • No 7:30PM WODs on Tuesdays/Thursdays
    • Monday/Wednesday 7:30PM WODs continue as usual

     12/31 New Year’s Eve

  • No 6AM, 7AM, or 8AM WODs
  • 9AM-1PM … Regular Thursday Class Schedule
  • No evening classes / see you at da club / auld lang syne n whatnot

     1/1 New Year’s Day

  • Gym/Year OPENS at 9AM
  • 9AM-1PM … Regular Friday Class Schedule
  • No evening classes


That’s the haps, fitness family! Email us with any questions or clarifications, any time. And WOD on, (Southern California) winter warriors.

Team 323



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