This Sunday, 11/15: Nutrition Workshop!

11 Nov

Dear 323ers,

Hi, friends! Event announcement! This Sunday, November 15th at 12:15pm, CROSSFIT 323 will host a Nutrition Workshop put on by our very own Darian Healy, and FREE to 323 members. It’ll be 90 minutes (so Sunday Open Gym is from 2pm-4pm; make a note of it. And maybe come soak up some nutrition know-how instead, hmm?)

Here’s the official Healian blurb:

Learn how to determine your calorie and macronutrient needs. Whether your goal is fat loss, weight gain, increased athletic performance, more energy, etc., you’ll leave with tips for how to create and implement a nutrition plan, structure your meal timing and frequency, and track your progress.

Enticed? Good. Sunday. 11/15 at 12:15. Be there.

Questions? Ask Darian IRL or email

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