Iiiiiit’s HALLOWOD 2015: Saturday 10/31 @ 10:30AM!

30 Oct

Dear 323ers,

‘Tis the season for the 5th Annual 323 Costumed HALLOWOD! Yesssssss. This year, we’re HALLOWOD-ing on Halloween itself, this Saturday 10/31 at 10:30am. Before you hit the carnivals or the neighborhoods or the parties or the pagan rituals, throw on some ears or a cape or a whole dingdang costume (that you don’t mind wearing in a bit), and head to the gym for a good ol’ sweaty, pumpkin-oriented time. Then you can chow down on candy and treats later with no guilt. Well, minimal guilt. No judgment here, anyway…(she said with a light but distinct Kit-Kat smell on her breath. Sshhh.)

Costumes! WOD! Funny people lookin’ funny! Join us, friends. It’s always a blast, and a great way to kick off the day.


The 5th Annual CrossFit 323 HALLOWOD!

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