Announcing 323 TEAM THROWDOWN 2015: Starts Wednesday!

19 Sep

Hey Gang; it’s competition time!

This year’s 323 Throwdown is a TEAM TOURNAMENT, with all the suspense, thrills, and excitement of March Madness! The Olympics! NFL Playoffs! The World Series! The World Cup! The Oscars! The Emmys! The MTV Music Video Awards! The AP/Scripps National Spelling Bee! Davos! Apple announcement day! SYTYCD! Um, Art Basel! The UN Global Summit on Human Rights?! (ONE OF THOSE HAS TO EXCITE YOU–pick your preferred analogy and get pumped.) Everyone has been placed on a team, and if you are a current member of CROSSFIT 323, that means YOU.

NOTE: Don’t wanna be on a team? It’s okay. Just email us. But FIRST, read on to be sure, because it will be a friendly and fun thing with major flexibility and minimal individual stakes. You just. Might. Love it.

This is how it’s gonna work:

  • The 6-week tourney starts this WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd and set to end in early November. Every team will participate every week.
  • Everyone is split into teams of 6(ish). For team coordination purposes, the time of day when members usually attend WODs was a major consideration in forming the teams. FYI.
  • Once solidified, each team will jointly pick a better name than Team A, Team B, etc. Say, the Flaming Dolphins or the Growling Flamingos or the PaulaAbduls or the Boilermakers or something.
  • Probably no more than 5 people will be competing at a time, so if someone can’t be there, it’s no big deal.
  • The tourney will be bracket-style. Round 1 > Round 2 > Sweet 16 > Elite 8 > Final 4 > CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • There will be prizes. Oh yes – there will be prizes.

Each Wednesday, we will announce the Workout of the Week (the WOW) and from that point each team will decide when during the next 6 days at least 5 team members can get to the gym and bust it out together. It can be during a weekday class time, or on Saturday or Sunday, as long as a 323 trainer is there to score and supervise. Regardless, it will be TOGETHER and you will have lots of team-y fun, with just a dash of self-inflicted suffering.

A: THE TEAMS & DIVISIONS have been emailed to current members and will be posted at the gym. So check that inbox. (Spam folder if necessary. A-hem.)

There you have it. Don’t hesitate to email with questions, comments, or clarifications, and DEFinitely let us know ASAP if you do not want to participate so we can reconfigure teams appropriately. ALSO let us know if you or anyone you spot at the gym regularly is missing from the roster; we don’t want to leave anybody out. Is gonna be big fun.

Oh, oh, and: If you have not already, please take a moment to LIKE us on Facebook, FOLLOW us on Twitter, and/or SUBSCRIBE to this very website/blog. This will ensure that you stay apprised of tourney and other gymmy things even when 3,000-word emails aren’t sent. Stay in the KNOW, yo.

Countdown to Wednesday starts…now.

Team 323
CROSSFIT 323 | CrossFit for the Eastside

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