This SUNDAY … AUGUST 30th … is BEACH DAY 2015!

24 Aug

Dear 323ers,

It’s heeeere: The 4th Annual CROSSFIT 323 Beach Day will commence at 10:00am on Sunday, August 30th! Furthermore, all REGULAR SUNDAY CLASSES WILL BE CANCELED. It’s the beach or bust, my friends.

We will meet at the south end of the El Porto parking lot in Manhattan Beach; the entrance to the lot is at 45th Street and The Strand. We have never had trouble parking here, nor have we ever had a rough commute from the Eastside. Shoot for 9:45am and you’ll be golden. Wait for surfers to leave if you want a better spot, farther south.

Around 10:15am we’ll get down and dirty in the sand with our Beach! Day! WOD! Lest you think you’re in for an exercise-less excursion. Make sure your sunscreen’s slathered and your water bottle’s brimmin’….

The rest of the day will be whatever you want, yo. Bring your board? or your sand toys? and of course feel free to bring any babies and hats and toys and food and friends and fam that will make your Beach Day experience even! More! Rad! Call, text, or email with questions now or later, whenever they arise…and we’ll see you at the sea…

Beachy burpees & sunny sit-ups,
Team 323

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