CrossFit Open 2015: Register Now!

25 Feb

Dear 323ers,

The CrossFit Open is very nearly upon us and we’re encouraging everyone to sign up. Why? Oh, ’cause it’s fun and you will get more exercise and it’s neat to feel part of the worldwide CrossFit community and you get to hang out with other people who also love fitness and hanging out… ALSO, because we will subtract the registration fee ($20) from your next month’s tuition. So you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Every Friday from 2/27-3/27, all day long, we will be following the Open programming, just like gazillions of CrossFit boxes around the world. Friday night at 6:30pm is the go-to class, if you can swing it: we’ll do the Open WOD, then catch our breath and hang out while drinking and eating. Sounds pretty sweet, right?! Let’s break it down…

1) Go HERE to learn more directly from CrossFit HQ, or…
2) go straight HERE to register. Then…
3) pick your affiliate from the list (Hint: CrossFit 323), and finally…
4) let us know via email so we can credit your account. Bonus:
5) Have a rip-roarin’ Open, whether you’re fitter-than-fit or just beginning.

FYI, newcomers: the Open is not insane or intense beyond what we do every day. WODs are programmed by CrossFit to be challenging to everyone, but as always, our coaches can help you modify as needed. The cool part is that 90% of CrossFitters everywhere are doing the SAME WOD during the SAME time-frame, and it’s fun to connect to our smaller community within that bigger community.

So! Remember, Open WODs all day Friday, then you can also come in and make them up (or outdo your first try) on that next Saturday or Sunday. Email with any questions, and get on it, because registration closes Thursday!

Team 323

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