Happy 2015 / So Much News…

29 Jan

Dear 323ers,

Wooeeee, 2015! It’s a crazy time. If you don’t agree, please read on for gobs of gym-centric evidence. Let’s jump in, shall we??

  • Whole323: It’s allll happening. –  No SUGAR, FLOUR, ALCOHOL or FRIED FOODS for 60 DAYS = Whole323! The nutrition challenge is ON, and on, and on…til March 11th. If you are participating and haven’t already, register here, or email us to get signed up and in on the sweet prize cash money.
  • BodySpec: Friday 3/13 – They’ll be baaack, and they want to scan your bod. Learn more here, and/or sign up here, not necessarily in that order.
  • Fight Gone Right. You like the boxing? We gotchur boxing. Muay Thaister Eugene is running his world-famous* Fight Gone Right class 3 times a week now: Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-10am and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm. Switch up your WOD action and give it a try!
  • Women’s Self-Defense: Saturday! On the last Saturday of January (1/31), February (2/28), and March (3/28), we will be offering a self-defense class to any 323 women who would like to feel more physically and tactically prepared in the face of a hypothetical physical threat. Ladies of the 323: Please register/RSVP ahead of time, and feel free to bring a (woman) friend along.
  • Bad News, Barkers: No more doggies. Our building management drives by regularly and no likey the dogs they see hanging out in the parking lot and gym. They say NO MORE DOGS. It sucks for puppy people and pups alike, but our hands are tied. Keep the canines in the car or the carrying case, because we don’t want to be evicted or fined or sued, and we don’t want to blame you for it when it happens. We will expand the ban to cats, as well, if it makes anyone feel better. (Chaunce? Furls? Pen? Molly? Does that dull the pain??? We love you.)

OKAY! That there’s a multi-tier, multi-species update for you. Email us with any questions, as always. Stay sweaty, my friends.


*Miniscule exaggeration.

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