BodySpec 2015: SCANtastic.

6 Jan

Dear 323ers,

Ah, these data-obsessed times. Seems the only thing better than getting more fit and being more fit is getting more fit, being more fit, AND having black-and-white proof of your progress. Enter CrossFit 323 and BodySpec.

The BodySpec truck will be at our gym January 9th. Their scans give you the best, most accurate body composition reading available, so when you do it again in two months, you can see how much muscle you gained in your right bicep. Or how much weight-bearing exercise really does help bone density. Etc etc. It is understanding your body on a whole other level; like our gym itself, it’s about health, wellness, fitness, awareness, and empowerment. And light radiation.

Pricing is $55 for one scan, or $100 for two (if you purchase two scans at the same time –for January and then March. It’s the best price around, and cheaper than last year, amazingly. Newbies: If this will be your first BodySpec scan, you get $15 off your first scan with discount code BS40FIRST.

Sold? See the schedule and sign up HERE.

Intrigued? See the explanatory video HERE. And/or see below for details and their official spiel. In our experience, the BodySpec scan provides valuable, intricate info and is a very low-stress/low-impact reading, which is why we wanted to have them back.  Email us with any questions, or just read up, sign up, and show up…


BodySpec is coming to CrossFit 323 on Friday, January 9th, from 3:30PM – 8:30PM & again on  Friday, March 13, from 3:00PM – 8:00PM.  This is the perfect opportunity to get your body composition tested and achieve your health and fitness goals!


BodySpec performs body fat and body composition testing using a truck equipped with a DEXA scanner.  Click HERE to watch our explanatory video.  The scanner uses a very weak x-ray beam that images each inch of your body, and takes approximately 10 minutes.  Clients do this scan fully clothed – the only restrictions are that clients need to be under 350 lbs, no metal (zippers, bra underwires) and no pregnant women. (The x-ray is completely safe – radiation exposure is less than what you get on a plane flight from LA to NY.)  Each scan generates the following data points:

– Total Body Fat %

– Lean Tissue Assessment (Quantity and %)

– Fat Tissue Assessment (Quantity and %)

– Regional Tissue Analysis (i.e. arms, legs, trunk, android, gynoid)

– Bone Density

– Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

– Relative Skeletal Muscle Index (RSMI)

– Body Fat Distribution Ratios

– Muscle Symmetry Analysis

How It Works

  1. Clients schedule a scan appointment and pay on our website. The schedule can be viewed HERE.
  2. On scan day, the BodySpec truck arrives at the gym. Clients show up for their appointments.
  3. Each client fills out some paperwork and then lies down on our scanner for 10 minutes. Afterwards, they’ll receive a paper printout of their results.
  4. Digital copies of these results are uploaded into the client’s account on the BodySpec website for them to access anytime.


Quantifying – this is simply the most accurate, granular, and actionable body composition scan available to the fitness industry.  Our scanner was designed by General Electric for use at hospitals and universities for medical testing and research – thus the scanner offers medical-grade precision.

Tracking – Once a client does 2 or more scans, they can track exactly how their body composition changed in that time period.  This is incredibly powerful when used in conjunction with a training or diet program – It is a direct visualization of the impact of their training!

Improvement – Having a precise quantification of body fat and muscle mass helps clients set more meaningful health and training goals. We also provide android/gynoid fat ratios to help clients determine risk of heart disease, as well as RMR calculations based on precise measurements of lean tissue. All these tools help inform clients optimize their training and develop concrete plans to achieve their health and fitness goals.


We have the most competitive prices for this technology…ANYWHERE!  Here’s how it works:


$55 per 1 scan

$100 per 2 scans

$190 per 4 scans


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