323 Goes Bouldering!

10 Nov

Dear 323ers,

This Saturday, November 15th, the one and only Darian Healy will host us at her climbing gym, LA Boulders. There, we will get a 30-minute lesson in ascending large rocks like badasses, followed by 90 minutes of free climbing wherein we apply that there learning, as well as many CrossFit-honed muscles. No experience required. It is only $12, open to friends and family, and should be (ahem) a ROCKin’ good time. Ahem.

  • Who: 323ers & Friends/Fam!
  • What: Bouldering! It’s a verb!
  • When: THIS Saturday 11/15 from 10am-12pm!
  • Where: LA Boulders (Downtown)!
  • Why: See “rock” pun above!
  • How: HERE! Register Online!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us. Can’t wait, social climbers! Ahem.

Team 323

Note: Hate boulders? Regular classes will also occur on Saturday. But joining the event is strongly encouraged! We like you! Come climb rocks! Darian says the floor “is like walking on clouds!” In case that sways you.

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