Heads-Up: 323 Throwdown! HELP US HELP YOU…

7 Sep

Dear 323ers,

As you probably know, the second annual 323 Throwdown (think mini-Games) is this October 4th & 5th, and if that doesn’t sound familiar, check the white board for your initials as I have probably signed you up. Anyway, October 4th, the first day of the Throwdown will include 3 events. Your scores and times from the combined workouts are the qualifiers for the second day of workouts. Here’s the cool part: Everyone competing will submit a workout and those will be used for the actual competition. In order to program for these events, I need everyone to submit their workouts soon. Like real soon.

I would like everyone to submit two workouts, the first being the workout you hope will show up in the Throwdown, the other being what you hope doesn’t show up. This has two objectives: the first is to give you an idea of what your weaknesses are, and two, it gives me a good idea of what everyone hates, and therefore helps shape the programming for the gym going forward. Also, feel free to give me any feedback about programming in general, things you would like more of, less of, or just an irrelevant short story about anything. I will only be programming the workouts people hope to see in the Throwdown throughout the next 4 weeks, so get your submissions in ASAP.

Here’s a template; just copy, paste, fill in workouts, send!

Hi Cullen,

I am very excited about the Throwdown coming up on October 4th & 5th. Here are my 2 workouts; I hope it’s cool that I replied immediately. Again, VERY excited.

Workout #1 – YES YES YES: ___________________________________

Workout #2 – NO NO NO: ___________________________________

Thanks for all you do, can’t wait to see you every day.


EASY-PEASY! Include warm-up items, if you like…regardless, I will alter/edit as needed, but this is a good opportunity to get some training feedback about what everyone really enjoys and not-so-much. And of course remember this will be the same pool of workouts that the Throwdown WODs will be drawn from. As the person who programs for you daily, I am very excited to see what you come up with…


Chief Throwdowner

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