Monday 8/25: The 323 Diet Challenge Begins!

24 Aug
Dear 323ers,
Tomorrow (Monday 8/25) starts our next 323 Diet Challenge! That’s 12:00AM tonight, folks! Just like before, the parameters are no sugar, no flour, no alcohol, and no deep fried foods. This is not a moneyed event like the last one, BUT I strongly encourage everyone to do some side betting. Pick a friend or five and put some money where your mouth is!
No Money?! Waz the point. The Challenge this time around is more about feeling better, getting stronger, and your personal performance leading up to our in-house Throwdown. Whatever your motivation for spending time–hard sweaty fun time–at the gym, I can guarantee that the cleaner you are eating, the better your results will be
Note to reluctant BOOZEHOUNDS: If no alcohol is your deal-breaker, do the Challenge anyway but drink less. One beer instead of three, or Friday nights only, or strictly mimosas before noon–whatever positive change is also realistic for your drinky-drink lifestyle. Aside from its own physiological effects, alcohol can and often does lead to bad eating decisions…so there’s that, too. So make it easy on yourself…
Eat well, sleep well, move well.
Happy eating,
Team 323
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