Next Tuesday, May 20th: BodySpec Testing! Read on…

16 May

Hi 323ers,

As you all know, we started our 30-day diet challenge this week (#30days323) and because of that we’d like to once again offer a Body Composition Test so that y’all who choose to partake can better analyze your current and then subsequent physicality…only this time, you won’t risk drowning and you don’t have to take your clothes off! Three cheers for that, man.

We’ll be using a system called BodySpec, and they’ll be coming to CROSSFIT 323 on TUESDAY, MAY 20th. Here are some details about what they do, directly from their website:

BodySpec’s Four Point Analysis

Every scan provides the following information, so that you have a complete snapshot of your body’s composition data:

    • Total & Regional Body Composition Profile – Breaks down your whole body and different areas (torso, left arm, etc) into bone, muscle and fat tissue percentages
    • Body Fat Analysis – Measures and maps fat locations throughout the body, and provides a calculation of your android/gynoid fat ratio
    • Muscle Distribution Summary – Provides muscle development comparisons across regions. Also enables precise calculation of resting metabolic rate, giving exact calorie counts for your wellness goals
    • Bone Density Profile – Measures your bone health and fracture risk and provides comparison to others of your age and gender

BodySpec gathers this information using a DEXA scan which is one of the more accurate ways to test body fat. Here’s how BodySpec explains the Scan:

Convenient, Easy & Safe Scan Process

Getting a scan is easy. Our mobile scanning truck will come to your gym. All you have to do is show up for your appointment and lie down for a few minutes. No changing into a swimsuit like you do for a dunk tank; no getting pinched like with calipers. And there’s no other service that provides anything like our online portal, where you can access your results any time – and share them with a personal trainer or a medical professional.

Our scan does utilize a very weak x-ray beam, but the amount of radiation exposure is incredibly low. Studies have found that the level of radiation is approximately equivalent to the amount you would get on a plane ride from Los Angeles to New York. In fact, the scanner’s radiation exposure is so low that protective shielding is not even a regulatory requirement for technicians operating the machine.

So that there’s the gist. Comprehensive, safe, airplanes are like x-rays, etc etc. You can read much more about BodySpec HERE. Then make sure to sign-up for your test by clicking HERE and using discount code XFIT323 — and, as always, email us with any questions!

Love & Self-Awareness,
Team 323

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