323 New Year New Newsflash

6 Jan

Happy New Year, 323ers!

With the start of 2014 comes many exciting special events at CROSSFIT 323…

  • New Year Newbies! This week, we resume our On-Ramp program for newcomers to CrossFit and new members to CROSSFIT 323. If you have any friends or family who you think would like to join, they can sign up here or they can e-mail us at info@crossfit323.com so we can answer any questions they may have and get ’em signed on up. And if you see any unfamiliar faces, be all friendly and introduce yourself and show off your bloody pull-up hands, mkay?
  • A Very Paleo Cookbook Signing. This Wednesday, January 8th, Michelle Tam, blogger extraordinaire at NomNomPaleo.com will be doing a book signing at your very own CROSSFIT 323! We’re Michelle’s only LA stop on her very first book tour, so definitely take advantage of this opportunity to meet Paleo royalty and pick up a signed copy of her new cookbook Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans, just in time for our upcoming Whole30/Paleo Challenge on January 13th. Learn more and RSVP here, or just show up! FYI, classes after 6:30pm will be canceled to make room for the event.
  • Whole60, People! It’s Whole30…but for 60 days this time! Because IT’S TWICE AS AWESOME. We’ll be kicking it off on Monday, January 13th–the same day you’ll have the opportunity to jump in a water tank sometime 3-7pm if you would like to track your body fat percentage before and after your Challenge cha-cha-changes. You can read more about how the test works here. Stay tuned for more info on how to sign-up…and no pressure. It’s just one way to witness your body change thanks to Whole30/60 and CrossFit training.

That’s the quick scoop. More to come. Be sure to like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter and/or tap our phones and/or plant a bug in our offices and/or subscribe to this very blog to stay apprised of gymmy news. OH, AND: Happy, happy new year once again. It’s gonna be great.



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