323 THROWDOWN Results / Donations Still Open!

29 Oct

Dear 323ers,

On Saturday, October 19th, dozens of brave and attractive souls embarked on the harrowing 5-hour competition that was the inaugural 323 THROWDOWN. These mini-CrossFit Games were a huge success and big, big fun. Seriously. Even when just watching your co-323ers compete, it was a crazy fun day. PRs were set, cheers were cheered, and expectations were exceeded. Bravo, team.

Enormous thanks to José (and friends) for planning and executing, and thanks to all athletes who participated or attended. It was a blast, as was the post-event BBQ banquet down the street at The Crossing–and thanks to Brian for that hook-up. Burpees, beer, and brisket. What’s! Not! To love!

Missed it?? It missed you, too! Keep an eye out for news of the next THROWDOWN in early 2014, and get yourself signed UP.

In addition to sweating and grunting and running and cheering, Timur also proposed a higher purpose for the event. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and in remembrance of his friend Alexandra Tang, we are collecting donations for Domestic Violence Solutions of Santa Barbara, where the volunteer program is named in her memory. We are already so so grateful for the response from the 323 community, and are keeping the donation portal open all week, in case you missed it. Donate HERE, if you are so moved. Tax deductible, etc etc. And thank you.

NOW. READ ON for the official results of the CROSSFIT 323 THROWDOWN…

Mens Advanced
1st:  Kyle 290 points
2nd: Mike P. 280 
3rd: Cullen 270 
4th: Jose 243
5th: Adam B 241
6th: Jeff S 230
7th: Edwin 220
8th: Jason G 215
9th: Abraham 209
10th: Matt (MEL) 144 (only participated in first 2 events)
11: Jimmy M 136 (only participated in first 2 events)
Mens Intermediate
1st: Timur 300
2nd: Adam M 265
3rd: Patrick C 260
4th: Roy M 245
5th: Omar D 239
6th: JP 222
7th: Ariel 163 (only participated in first 2 events)
8th: Mike S (MDS) 69 (only participated in 1st event)
1st: Darian 295
2nd: Lauren P 290
3rd: Cindy 255
4th: Mayra 250
5th: Nicki P 238
6th: Eva 234
7th: Sylvia G 228
8th: Alex C 80 (only participated in 1st event)

For Event Details & More Pics, CLICK HERE!


323 THROWDOWN 2013

323 THROWDOWN 2013!

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