323 News Update: Summer Fun!

7 Jul

Hi 323ers!

Lots of fun summer events on the horizon, so here is a quick outline of our upcoming events for you to mark in your calendars…

1. Whole30, it’s starting folks! TOMORROW! Monday, July 8th is the day to start your month of super clean, super paleo eating. Get ready and get rid of all those non-Paleo munchies before midnight. Purge that pantry and it will be a lot easier to make it through the first week. Search “Whole30” or click the “nutrition” tag for more guidance, and ignore the point stuff and the official weigh-ins–this time around is easy-breezy like summer itself. But definitely do your own weighing and measuring for exciting results-time in 30 days…

2. Beach Day!!! We will all be meeting at Manhattan Beach at 9:30 AM on Sunday, July 14th for a beach-tastic WOD on the beautiful SoCal sands. There will be a surf instructor there for anyone interested in learning to surf, and of course bring any toys (volleyballs, frisbees, footballs, chairs) and food that will make your beach day experience that much more enjoyable. Friends and family welcome!

3. Diane Fu, Olympic weight-lifting coach, will be leading a workshop at CrossFit 323 on September 15. This is something you’ll definitely want to participate in to refine those ultra technical lifts and learn from one of the best in her field.

As always, there will be much more information and details to come. Just wanted to give you guys the heads-up so you can start getting psyched!

Love & Beach Fun Forever,

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