Introducing FamilyFit!

6 Jan

323ers! Exciting news for those of you with itty-bitty offspring…

Got baby? Want CrossFit? Bam! Our FamilyFit program starts tomorrow 1/7 and includes at least 3 classes a week with childcare for kiddos 3 months-3 years old. Right now the classes are from 4-5pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, first classes are free, and due to limited space and the energy it takes to even just stand near one small child, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Tantrums, feedings, and major diaper changes will still fall under parental responsibility, but hopefully those can be prevented and planned around. Just in case, WODs will be designed to allow for such interruptions, as well as a range of parental fitness levels and CrossFit experience. Included in our regular memberships, or available separately. To recap…

Yay babies,

Kids & Kettlebells!

Kids & Kettlebells!

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