Event Tonight! CROSSFIT 323 Goal-Setting & Whistle-Whetting.

30 Dec

Have you always wanted to nail a handstand push-up? Would you love to run a mile without thinking about it? Feeling Paleo-curious or Whole30-fascinated? Dream of the day when you can touch your toes? Looking to deadlift your body weight by March? Or maybe trying to get your body weight down to your deadlift weight by June? It can alllll happen…

323ers, past/present/future: Happy holidays and hooray for the imminent new year.

In that vein: Before you party down on NYE, spend part of your December 30th preparing for the year to come…head over to CROSSFIT 323 for some goal-setting and whistle-wetting. Join the CrossFit community you love so dear or come hang out for the very first time and set real fitness goals for 2012. Our trainers will help point you toward smart and achievable objectives, and then they will help you get there and stay motivated during January and beyond. We can weigh you in, measure you up, snap your before pic, or just write it all down – but the good news is that we are here to keep you excited and accountable to your 2012 fitness road-map.

Beyond goal-setting, there will indeed be whistle-wetting, with complimentary libations provided for the adult, goal-setting crowd. Drink up and then put up…or vice versa. The info:

Who > CROSSFIT 323 Members, Prospects, Families, Friends


When > Friday, December 30th, 8:30pm-11pm

Where > CROSSFIT 323, 3461 Casitas Ave, LA CA 90039

Why > ‘Tis the season. And 2012 is your year, my friend.

Stop by for some quick consultation or stay the whole, merry time. Bring yourselves, kids, friends, neighbors…and big plans for the fitness future. Email with any questions, and don’t forget the regular Friday WODs at 7:30am, 10am, and 7pm. We’ll be there.

See you tonight!

TEAM 323

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