Whole30 Community Diet Challenge!

2 Jun

Hello all,

This just in: Fellow gym-goer, CrossFit-certified and soon-to-be full-time trainer Kirstin Eggers is taking the lead on a 30-day diet challenge called the Whole30. It is a diet that is in step with the CrossFit ideology. It seems a little intense, but the results look pretty undeniable. Do you have the will power? These things tend to work better as a group; it adds some camaraderie as well as some support. As a group this will begin June 5, in just 3 days! If you are interested please see the link and talk to Kirstin about how to get started, I think there are at least 3 people so far who are going to give it a try. Just as a fair warning, this diet is very heavy on animal protein…and it says not to drink any alcohol. Still reading? Here’s the link!


If this diet seems a little too intense for you, try a 30-day Paleo Challenge – either one might change your life…or not, but, hey, it’s worth a try.

Robb Wolf, Paleo guru:

And here are some paleo recipes:

As a reminder, this is no random idea; good nutrition is key to getting the most out of CrossFit…not to mention life. Paleo is one dietary regimen that has helped many CrossFitters up their performance and maximize their bodies’ fitness. Give it a go if you’re in the mood and into that bathing suit season concept. Or return to it whenever the inspiration strikes. Your body is ready when you are.


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