New Program Cycle & More!

Hey 323ers! Please take the time to read about what we have coming up. Below will include what to expect with our NEW Program Cycle beginning THIS MONDAY 1/6

There also will be a few weekend schedule changes we need to make as we continue to remodel the gym. In addition, our gym wide survey is still up and we’d really appreciate your feedback as we continue to work on making this amazing gym/community even better!


For the next 10 weeks (8 weeks of strength cycle, 1 week deload, 1 week of testing) the main goal will be building up our base strength again with core lifts (back squat, strict press, bench press, deadlift and front squat). We also will be re-learning oly lifts and there will be WODs sprinkled in. 

Once this cycle is completed, we will start to get more of your ‘traditional’ crossfit programming. 

Here is an example of what to expect:

Monday & Wednesday – will be very lifting oriented. With accessory exercises. 

Tuesday & Thursday – These are more of our “WOD days” with Oly work to start each class. 

***PLEASE NOTE: 323 Barbell Club will be ON HOLD for the rest of January and be brought back on Saturdays starting in February***

Fridays – start with our strength progression exercises and follow it up with a “Partner WOD”

Weekend Schedule Changes For the Remainder of January

***Changes start this coming Saturday 1/11 and Sunday 1/12***


  • 9am- CardioFit (no more “Weekend WOD” since”Partner WODs” will be on Fridays)
  • 10am- Restorative WOD
  • Open Gym CANCELLED

**gym needs to be closed early for continuous renovations**


  • 10am- FireFit (1 class now)
  • Open Gym CANCELLED

Gym Survey

  • Please fill out the survey that was sent out in December.
  • Here’s a link if you cannot find it

Lastly, if you have not met Coach José and Coach Oscar here they are peeps

Coach José
Coach Oscar