Movember 2014!

31 Oct Sign Up for MOVEMBER 2014

Hello 323ers,

Happy Halloween! Now that that’s out of the way:

Tomorrow is the start of Movember and while it might be the bane of girlfriends and wives everywhere, it is a time to draw attention to a worthy cause while recapturing some of that manhood you may have lost in the last year. So shave down tonight–or tomorrow, depending on your Halloween costume–and then over the next 4+ weeks, start being overly proud of that chest hair sprouting on your upper lip. Go to to sign up, and join team CrossFit 323. 

To a Happy Halloween and a Mighty Movember

Chief Moustache


If you would like to know more bout Movember and its founder Adam Garone, watch this:

New Masters Class: Ages 50+!

27 Oct

Dear 323ers,

We’re always looking for new ways to serve our members and community, and so are our amazing trainers. In this vein, Kyle is programming a new Masters Class for athletes (who may consider themselves non-athletes) over 50, starting in November. “Over 50″ is obviously an extremely varied age-range when it comes to fitness and activity, but many of its population are intimidated or disinterested in the CrossFit methodology/concept, believing it to be a younger/fitter/more flexible person’s regimen. This Masters class is offering the best of CrossFit minus the scary, plus the individual athletic attention and physiological expertise to succeed and progress with minimal possibility of injury. And he wants to provide the first clinics for free! What’s not to like?

Read on for Kyle’s info–and please alert any LA-area friends or fam who might be interested. It is a truly unique offering and an opportunity to take fitness by the horns with guarantee of a gentle, empowering ride. (Rodeo metaphor! You’re welcome.)

Team 323
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Dear 323 Community & Beyond:

I am looking to start a class specifically for Masters athletes ages 50 and over. This would provide a place to receive appropriate custom-designed training in a friendly, community environment. Classes would revolve around the needs of each athlete (not traditional CrossFit and without the intensity or weight of CrossFit). You have trained with me and experienced my positive attitude and dedication to quality safe movement. If you have middle-aged friends or relatives who might otherwise not consider a CrossFit gym, but who have been interested in starting a workout program or want to maintain or improve their strength, balance, and stamina–I would love to work with them.

  • Flexibility, balance, and strength will be the top priorities in the class, with the goal to improve quality of life and long-term health and mobility.
  • Safety will be paramount. All movements will be carefully considered for each individual. Past and current medical history will help determine movements and difficulty but will not stop someone from joining.
  • Each class will be engaging. A community of like-minded people will support you and an element of fun will be worked into every class.
  • I am a licensed EMT. I don’t anticipate needing this qualification, but it’s nice to have.

If any friends or family you know would be interested, please have them contact me. I plan to hold classes on Wednesdays at 3pm, and I would like to schedule several movement clinics to kick off the Masters program, free of charge.

Thanks for your consideration,
Kyle McBride

Workout of the Day 10/26/14

26 Oct Awwwwww


In teams of four:

1 Mile Pumpkin carry


200 Pull-Ups

200 Push-Ups

400 Goblet Squats

all while one partner is holding a pumpkin in the bottom of a squat.


8 Pumpkin relays


400 m Pumpkin pass

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